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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Can I start exercising at 7-9 months pregnant?

Can I start exercising at 7-9 months pregnant?

You must learn that the first of the techniques is a traditional squat. With this technology, you often place high on the back. Sometimes you will hear bodybuilding slut is being called. Time for you to help support your shoulder blades should hold back. You can keep your wrist rigid or power-lifter in style just depends on your personal ability, enhanced. This is what you can do if you rotate your shoulders, because you need to keep your elbows under your wrists. If this happens, you would be likely to pinch a nerve in turn, your rotator cuff, can hit. For some people, making their arms go numb.

Focus on concentration, breathing and exercising the perineum muscle for the later stage of your pregnancy. These will give strength and prepare your body for delivery. All dad-to-be can also involve in these exercises.

Play Exercises For 7-9 Months Pregnant video

Exercises in Preparation for Delivery for 7-9 months pregnant

Traditional barbell squat

To perform this exercise proper alignment of the hips is something that has been the subject of considerable debate. Generally, you should keep your back slightly curved inwards, rather than circular. It will attach to muscles that protect the spine. You can also use of the hip in a neutral position. With this situation, you turn your back to the top of the pelvis and flatten your back to push forward his lower pelvis. You exaggerate the movement and pushing too much, you can complete your back. Create your neutral spine Use only enough rotation. Keep your head in line with your torso forward. You keep your head up, looking forward rather than up or down Also, if you keep your spine aligned and can avoid injury.

If you go down as if sitting in a chair.

They measure your knees pass your toes Do not allow to expand. This particular exercise is under some pressure on your knee joint, and your knees go forward more stress you put on them. If you sit a little, giving more stress on your weight, your knees, your quads, your heels instead will be transferred through your toes. Correctly in order to execute this movement, you have to balance and flexibility. You can try to place your heel on the block. This improves your balance, it takes a little flexibility. You better pull the ankle rather than eliminate symptoms by using the blocks to respond to its lack of flexibility.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Edge--The Global Business Certification Standard for Gender Equality


Edge--The Global Business Certification Standard for Gender Equality [11 March 2015]


Press Release 11 March 2015



EMCC: New Forms of Employment


European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Dublin Foundation)

European Monitoring Centre on Change (EMCC)


New Forms of Employment


[full-text, 168 pages]


Executive Summary



Across Europe, new forms of employment are emerging that are different from traditional standard or non-standard employment in a number of ways. Some transform the relationship between employer and employee, some change work organisation and work patterns, and some do both. This report identifies nine forms of employment that are new or have become increasingly important in Europe since the year 2000. While there is wide diversity in terms of their characteristics and employment relationship, all the forms aim to increase flexibility for employers and/or employees. Although some have the potential to benefit employers and employees equally, in a few cases concerns have been raised about their impact on working conditions and the labour market. The report concludes with recommendations about the need to raise awareness of the potential problems and establish safety nets for workers. An executive summary is available - see Related content.



Personal Remittances Statistics


European Commission



Personal Remittances Statistics


Data extracted in February 2015. Most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database. Planned article update: December 2015.

Author: Robert Obrzut

This article presents statistics and comments on recent developments relating to international remittances in the European Union (EU). It refers in particular to personal remittances according to the concept of the Balance of payments and international investment position manual (BPM6). The data situation currently only allows the production of approximate figures on personal remittances. This refers to the narrowest concept of international remittances and is based on two standard components – personal transfers and compensation of employees.









Thursday, March 12, 2015

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Major Work Stoppages In 2014


Major Work Stoppages In 2014


[full-text, 6 pages]


In 2014, there were 11 major work stoppages involving 1,000 or more workers and lasting at least one

shift, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The 11 major work stoppages beginning in

2014 were down from the 15 major work stoppages beginning in 2013, and equaled the second lowest

annual total (11 in 2010) of work stoppages since the series began in 1947. The lowest annual total was

5 in 2009. (See chart 1 and table 1.)


Major work stoppages beginning in 2014 idled 34,000 workers, lower than the 2013 total of 55,000

idled workers. In 2014, there were 200,000 days idle from major work stoppages in effect, also lower

than 2013 with 290,000 days idle. In 2014, private industry organizations accounted for 9 of the 11

major work stoppages in 2014. In addition, 7 of the 11 major work stoppages beginning in 2014

occurred in the health care and social assistance industry and the educational services industry. (See

table 2.)  


In 2014, the largest major work stoppage in both days idle and duration was between FairPoint

Communications and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Locals 2320, 2326, and 2327

and the Communications Workers of America Local 1400, with 1,700 workers accounting for 86,700

days idle in 2014. The work stoppage was still ongoing at the end of 2014. (See table 2.)


Between 2009 and 2014, there have been 80 major work stoppages (average of 13.3 major work

stoppages per year). Three industry groups combined for over 60 percent of all major work stoppages

during the six year period: health care and social assistance (34 percent), educational services (15

percent), and construction (13 percent). (See chart 2.) Manufacturing had 11 percent of all major work

stoppages between 2009 and 2014.


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